From Idea to Launch

As an online course creator, nothing can be more satisfying then taking your course from idea to launch.

Step #1: Find Your Niche

Most professionals know their expertise.

But few know what problems their expertise solve. Even fewer know who need their expertise.

Use the 3P framework (proficiency, problem, and people) to map this out.

Step #2: Name Your Course

You want to be as specific as possible with your course title.

It is useful to think about the keywords that are related to your course.

In this course, I will share how you can include search terms used by your learners in your course title.

Step #3: Setting the Right Price

You can get pricing wrong if you do not understand the 3 principles of pricing your course.

A useful question to ask yourself is the following:

Do you want more students or do you want more successful students?

Step #4: Record Your Course (The Easy Way)

Course creation, just like any other business activities, requires a process.

Use the five-step process to help you record your course the easy way.

Step #5: Create a Lead Magnet

Whet their appetite by creating a lead magnet.

But what's the best lead magnet to create?

Here we provide you with a guide in creating the best lead magnet.

Step #6: Do a Pilot Launch

This is probably the most counter-intuitive step.

You do not need to create the course in its entirety.

What you need is a minimum viable course and involve your learners in the creation process.

Follow the best practices used doing your pilot launch.

Step #7: Prepare for Public Launch

Once you've completed your pilot launch, it is time to go public!

Here, follow the 3P (places, provide value, public launch) and you'll be in good hands.

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    1. From Idea to Launch

    1. 7 Steps to Take Your Online Course from Idea to Launch

    1. 7 Steps to Take Your Online Course from Idea to Launch

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