Top 5 Challenges

And how you can resolve them.

Challenge #1: How to Get People to Buy

Validate demand.

Here it goes beyond determining if there are enough people searching for your course or search volume in SEO speak.

Answer these three questions to find out if people will buy.

Challenge #2: How to Design a Winning Business Model

Selling your online course is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.

Here, you want to understand what is the life-time value of your learner.

After you've sold your course, that is actually the starting of a fruitful relationship with your learners.

In this course, I will share with you the three strategies to help you design a winning business model.

Challenge #3: How to Market Effectively

You need to get the word out.

Else, how would people know about you and your course?

You also need to know how to market effectively.

In this course, you'll use this simple checklist to help you market effectively.

Challenge #4: How to Be Remarkable

You need to stand out from your competitors, especially on online course marketplaces.

But how do you do that exactly?

Here, you'll learn the golden rule when it comes to being remarkable.

Challenge #5: How to Teach Effectively

We all know of university professors who are great at what they do but they totally suck when it comes to teaching.

Want a framework to be an effective teacher?

The five elements in this framework will be revealed in this course.

Course curriculum

    1. Top 5 Challenges and How You Can Resolve Them

    1. Top 5 Challenges Why Most Course Creators Are Not Remarkable

    1. Top 5 Challenges Why Most Course Creators Are Not Remarkable

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