3 Costly Mistakes

And how you can avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not validating demand

You are passionate about a topic doesn't every one is.

So creating a program upfront without knowing whether there are any people who want to buy it will be a costly mistake for you.

Make sure there is sufficient demand before you start creating your course.

Take this course to find out the 5 steps you can take to avoid this mistake.

Mistake #2: No unique positioning

It is a crowded marketplace.

Without standing out from the competition, your prospective learners will inevitably compare you to another similar course.

The best way to position yourself is this: be yourself.

In this course, I will share with you the three things you must do to identify your unique positioning.

Mistake #3: Not paying attention to user experience

Embrace a "learner-centric" approach, rather than a "trainer-centric".

Simply put, being "learner-centric" is focusing on the results your learners must get.

While being "trainer-centric" is focusing on the amount of knowledge and content you want to teach.

See your learners embarking on a journey and how you are able to help them get to their destination.

Use the framework shared in this course to help you provide a better user experience

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